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Doors and accessories

Padlock ABUS 83WP/63
Model: 83WP/63
$1 859.00
The presence of handles: no Lock type: mad Type of circuit: - Lock / arc material: hardened steel Arc type: semicircular Key type: flat
Doors and accessories
Doors and fittings

Locks, hinges, latches, handles, chains - these are small parts, without which the door is not considered a full-fledged design. They both complement the exterior design and make the door safer and easier to use.

When choosing components, pay attention to the material, coating quality and design. Usually hinges and handles are made of aluminum alloys, steel, zinc or brass. The most budget option is brass products, and the most durable and reliable - parts made of steel alloys. The second option also has a brass coating that protects against corrosion.

It is important that the door fittings are comfortable. That is why, in addition to the material, you should pay attention to the shape of the products. The door handle should be selected so that it blends harmoniously with the canvas and provides easy opening and closing. You can increase the functionality with a handle with a built-in lock.

Fittings for entrance and interior doors are no less important than the basic design. Doors with a basic complete set seldom can boast of the same operational characteristics, as designs with carefully picked up accessories. Such details help to increase functionality, convenience and reliability of designs.