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Padlock ABUS 83WP/63
Model: 83WP/63
$1 859.00
The presence of handles: no Lock type: mad Type of circuit: - Lock / arc material: hardened steel Arc type: semicircular Key type: flat

Where does the house begin? Of course, out the door! It is the door locks and fittings that play the most important role. The door lock is a complex system that locks the door due to a complex mechanism. Your safety and comfort will depend on how good you choose the lock.

Mortise locks are most often used in metal doors, as metal doors are considered more reliable than wooden. Depending on the locking system, cylinder and lever locks are considered to be the most popular among mortise locks. The level of protection is determined not only by the mechanism of secrecy but also by special anti-burglary means.

When choosing a lock for interior doors, first of all you need to pay attention to the quality of the lock itself because it depends on the service life, its size and the noise when closing the door and opening the door. Also pay attention to the ability to close the door from the inside, such locks are often installed in the bathroom and toilet.

Padlock is usually hung on garage doors, barns, gates, utility rooms, doors in country houses. The padlock is convenient that it is not necessary to cut it, and all that is necessary is to fix two loops under the lock. When choosing a padlock, pay attention to the material of the case - the strongest are cast iron and brass, they can withstand strong shocks and do not break. The material of the bracket must be made of hardened steel so that it is very difficult to saw.