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Coffee makers

Electric coffee maker NIVONA CafeRomatica NICR 520
Model: NICR 520
$12 999.00
Machine type: solo Screen diagonal, inches: espresso automatic Installation type: grain, ground Resolution, dpi: - Appointment: - Type of coffee: 0.25
Coffee makers

Create your favorite drinks without hassle and at any time - it's easy if you have a coffee machine ! If you want coffee to be prepared quickly, choose high-power coffee machines in our online store. For gourmets, this is a device with a rich set of programs and the ability to select the desired settings, for example, temperature, pressure and others.

There are a large number of varieties of devices for making coffee: Electric Turks ; carob coffee makers, or espresso coffee makers - pressurized water passes through a tightly packed coffee, due to which the taste and aroma of the drink are maximally preserved; capsule coffee makers work similarly, only coffee is served in capsules.

Of no small importance is the material of the case and the components: they are constantly in contact with steam and hot water, and poor-quality plastic can ruin the taste of the drink.