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Sports goods

Kyokushinkai cap XFactory Kyoukushinkai Ukraine v.1
Model: v.1
Type of clothing: cap Available sizes: universal Material: jeans cotton Description: Kyokushinkai karate embroidery, flag of Ukraine Country of Origin: Ukraine Color: black
Sports goods
Goods for a sport

Sport is an important part of a healthy human life. It is not necessary to visit gyms for sports, especially if you have a shortage of time, budget restrictions or quarantine in the country.

We offer the necessary exercise equipment, equipment, clothing, food for sports. Please note that for men, our sports shop offers such simulators as "push-ups", portable and suspended horizontal bars, which will appeal to the growing generation, simulators for the torso and press. For women and girls - an exercise machine to improve the shape of the breasts, a Pilates exercise machine at home, a range of leg and stretching exercise machines, exercise machines for the press, for the hands and much more.

In addition to simulators, we offer products for martial arts - kimonos, gloves, macevary and more. As well as for all range we have special conditions for purchase of the sports range in sets.